Bulgarian cuisine is delicious. That is all you could say about it in a nutshell. This cuisine remained under the influence of Turkish cuisine for centuries. Some of the dishes may remind you of your expeditions to Greece and Serbia - after all, they are neighbouring countries. Bulgarian cuisine is rich in fresh vegetables but also baked, fried as well as pickled. There exists seasonality in nature and cuisine alike. In summer and autumn fresh vegetables and fruits are served, while in autumn and winter processed vegetables are consumed. The current list of dishes served by us can be found under the menu tab. Bulgarian cuisine would not be as stimulating without its distinctive spices. The most important of them are: чубрица (Savory Chubritsa) - dried herbs with a distinguishing odour and a slightly spicy taste as well as шарена сол (Sharena Sol) - a blend of herbs (like savory Chubritsa and Fenugreek), dried peppers and salt.